The Light Programme is the musical vehicle for the largely unknown, and tragically unappreciated, English singer/songwriter Joe Smith

GIG NEWS: Joe Smith, AKA The Light Programme, can be seen every week (mostly) at Workshy Tuesdays, playing in The Mix Cafe in Balsall Heath, Birmingham, from 2 till 3. Also, have added a message feature at the bottom of the page, so feel free to leave unattended thoughts after you've had a rummage round the site.

Down With The Bees

released Sept' 2022

not a diatribe against bees, more a sort of catchy, Kinks style affair, with Jack Smith on drums, Jack Goodall and David Rees Jones on backing vocals. (interesting note: was going for a slightly inept, cockney piano sound, think I got it, don't really play piano). (cover art by me and Hieronymus Bock, c 1560)